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Choir Club

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2016 Fall Choir Club Information

Congratulations! Your child made it into choir club! I can’t wait to hear what amazing sounds this group will make. Throughout this semester, students will learn and perform a variety of fun, non-traditional holiday music celebrating the coming of winter! With fun and meaningful choreography and many opportunities for solos, Cimarron Choir Club will impress you with their tremendous talent! Please keep this sheet as it has important information about our club and if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me!

Ms. Ewing, (720) 886-8127,

General Information:
Date and Time: Tuesdays and one Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Please look at the dates sheet for a complete list of all rehearsal dates. 

Our concert is Thursday, December 15th at 6:00 pm in the gym.

Dismissal: Please pick up your child outside the front of the building at the main entrance, or if your child is a walker I will release them at 4:30 to walk. If your child goes to Before and After care, I will release them to the cafeteria. If I do not see you by 4:40, we will use the contact numbers from your permission slip to call you. Please try to be as prompt as possible. School policy states that if you are more than 10 minutes late 2 times, your child will not be able to continue in club.

Attendance Policy: Attendance at this club is mandatory, not optional. If your child cannot attend, you MUST contact Ms. Ewing to excuse your child. Only those children who are absent from school will we expect to be absent from club. If your child is at school, but does NOT show up for choir club without an excuse from you, we consider that an unexcused absence. We will only allow ONE unexcused absence. (ie: an absence without notice) After two unexcused absences, your child will be dismissed from the club. We also allow 3 excused absences. (ie: student is at school however you give permission for them to miss club) You can either leave a message on Ms. Ewing’s phone (720) 886 – 8127, email her or send your child with a note. Please understand that this is for your own safety as we need to make sure we know

that your child is accounted for at all times when they are staying in our care after school hours.

Behavior Policy: Dedicated behavior makes for productive, fun rehearsals! In order to ensure that students are focused and committed, the behavior policy is as follows: if a student is not showing PRIDE during choir, they will be handed a “yellow card”. This is a behavioral warning. They have until the end of rehearsal to work it off. If they still have the card at the end of choir, they have used their 1 warning. Then the next time they need to be addressed about their behavior, they will be handed a “red card”. They also have until the end of class to work this off, however if they don’t, and they are left with the red card at the end of choir, then they unfortunately will not be invited back to continue singing with the group. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this.

Auditions: We have a limited amount of space for this club due to space in the music room and intended productivity of rehearsals. As a result, we will be holding auditions in order to determine our roster. We want to encourage as many children as possible to experience the fun of making music and performing on our concert, however we also need to make sure that this is a manageable sized group for us to teach filled with dedicated students who want to take what they learn in music class to a higher level and further develop their singing skills. For auditions, students will be asked to match pitch. It will just be echoing a couple phrases from the teacher. From this, we will be able to determine their pitch-matching skills. Please note: Behavior in daily music class will also be a factor in determining the roster.

Music Folders: All students in choir club will be given a folder of music on the first day. They are to keep this folder and bring it to rehearsal every week. If they lose their folder or music, there will be a $1 fee to replace it. We want to teach students responsibility and being prepared for a rehearsal is important. We cannot replace music every week because students misplace their folders. Thank you for your help and cooperation with this matter.


~Ms. Ewing
(720) 886 - 8127​

Fall 2016 Choir Club Dates:
Choir meets every Tuesday from 3:30pm – 4:30pm

23rd - First Rehearsal


25th – No rehearsal, Fall Break

8th - This is conference week, however we ARE having choir! If you need to excuseyour child to attend a conference, please let me know so I can mark them as anexcused absence. Thank you!
22nd – Please note: This is the day before Thanksgiving break, but we ARE havingchoir rehearsal. Again, if your child needs to miss, please let me know asap.

8th – Please note: This is our one Thursday rehearsal!
13th - Dress Rehearsal #1 from 3:30 – 5:00 (Tuesday)
14th – Dress Rehearsal #2 from 3:30 – 5:00 (Wednesday)
15th – Concert Day!
-Day time assembly (for students only) TBD
-Night Time Concert (for parents/families) 6:00 pm
-Students must be at Cimarron at 5:30 pm

*Please Note: If you or a family member are unable to attend the evening performance, you are welcome to come to the day time one. Please let Ms. Ewing AND the office know so they can account for you and leave a enough chairs in the gym. Thank you!

cartoon choir holding their music notes

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